Who are Whitworth Chemists?

Whitworth Chemists Ltd is a family-owned pharmacy business with 34 community pharmacy branches across the North of England, employing approximately 260 people.

With bill shock and price increases a real concern with their current mobile phone supplier, they asked Intercity to propose a fresh approach.

The Challenge

With a large mobile estate to manage and an incumbent supplier not meeting their needs, Whitworth Chemists were struggling to keep tabs on usage and costs, and this is where Intercity stepped into help.

Bill shock was a major concern. Whitworths found they had very little visibility over their mobile estate and were frequently caught out by excessive data usage charges.

Another concern was price – with mobile-data usage becoming more necessary in their day-to-day operations, there was a real worry that costs could skyrocket.

Add termination fees and a nervousness about migrating the entire workforce at one time, and Whitworths’s needed a cost-effective solution that was right for them.

The solution

The solution was simple, but incredibly effective, with Intercity supplying them with 50 new devices, all on the O2 network.

One of the key reasons Whitworth Chemists decided to partner with us, was the use of our ‘self-serve’ customer portal. This portal allows them to manage their whole mobile estate from one easy to use platform, giving them regular alerts for mobile usage on each device, ensuring that ‘bill shock’ became a thing of the past.

And despite Whitworths taking out more data with us to future proof business growth, Whitworth Chemists have consistently saved money, thanks to Intercity’s ongoing partnership with O2.

““(the) Main reasons for recommending Intercity would be their very competitive pricing model, fantastic online portal with access to data usage and financial information, the excellent customer service provided by our Account Manager and the Customer Support team.”

 Company Accountant, Whitworth Chemists

With so many of their team relying on reliable connectivity, we collaborated effectively with Whitworth Chemists to come up with a phased approach to migration – ensuring the workforce were split and migrated on two separate days.

This meant that Whitworth enjoyed a seamless transition between their incumbent supplier, and their new partnership with Intercity Technology.

The pandemic created additional challenges for both Whitworth and Intercity and rather than deliver all new handsets to head office, we ensured everybody got their devices by dispatching to multiple addresses.

And as for those termination fees for the mobiles that were still within contract? We worked closely with our commercial team and Whitworth to ensure that termination costs were factored into their new partnership with us.

“The one thing that made me the happiest, was the smooth transition moving across to the Intercity environment. We planned a staged migration with Intercity, splitting it across two days to minimise any potential downtime when porting across the numbers. On both days the porting across worked seamlessly and we did not encounter any issues at all”

 Company Accountant, Whitworth Chemists

The mobile services provided by Intercity Technology has given Whitworth a flexible solution that has saved them money, gives room for business growth and empowers them to manage their mobile estate. The service is supported by a dedicated customer service team with +58 NPS scores, truly world-class!