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Businesses need everyone connected.  Full stop.

Whether it’s one location or ten, let our LAN and WAN solutions get you working together.

WAN! LAN! Thank you...

Nobody’s here going to pretend that WAN and LAN solutions are the cutting edge of business tech. But you’ll know as well as we do how important they are to keep offices running effectively.

That’s why we’re here to provide you with fully managed Local and Wide Area Network solutions, with an extra dose of IT security that means your IT team can rest easy at night.

Can your business afford to miss out on high fault tolerance, scalability, security and fast, reliable speeds? Local Area Networks have higher bandwidth than Wide Area Networks, as well as being able to transmit data at much faster speeds, so are well-suited to single office locations.

Geographically diverse? That’s where a secure WAN comes in - enabling your business to work from a centralised infrastructure, securely. Throw in your own Virtual Private Network and you’ve got a solution that keep you, and your people’s data, secure.

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