Who are Horiba Mira?

HORIBA MIRA is a global provider of automotive engineering, research and test services, with over 75 years of experience in developing some of the world’s most iconic vehicles.

We met with Simon Hall, Operations Director for HORIBA MIRA, to understand how their partnership with Intercity and our managed services team has optimised their IT strategy and in-house capability. 


The Challenge

HORIBA MIRA had their own IT team, but as the company expanded, their team found themselves swamped with day-to-day tasks, leaving little room for strategic projects. They needed IT solutions that could scale with their growth and bring in industry best practices to lighten the load on their internal team and help shape their IT strategy moving forward.

The Solution

Intercity dedicated a BAU support team on-site at MIRA’s Technology Park to merge with HORIBA MIRA’s existing IT team. An additional project-focused team was also introduced, complemented by a flexible team comprising individuals familiar with the site and holding security clearances.

Intercity manages their service desk, networks, and systems, ensuring high-performance computing for MIRA. Additionally, they provide a blend of IT support and project work.

Mike Osborne, Managing Director of Managed IT Services for Intercity, recommended that HORIBA MIRA implement Next Connex across their site for direct connectivity. This setup was seamlessly established, enabling HORIBA MIRA’s teams to access Wi-Fi across the 2 million square feet of research and development space.

MIRA Tech Park operates as a service, with customers and tenants utilising the site. Intercity not only offers internal IT support to MIRA but also assists them in marketing their capacity and capabilities to customers, thereby enhancing their attractiveness to potential clients and reinforcing the technology aspect of the technology park.

The Business Benefits

With the scalability of Intercity’s Managed IT services, HORIBA MIRA has achieved several milestones. They successfully integrated a completely new network, completed a strategic project that was previously on hold, and accelerated another project that had been stagnant for five years.

Intercity proposed the installation of new fiber on-site, a concept that MIRA hadn't considered before. However, upon implementation, it resulted in a cohesive outdoor Wi-Fi system, greatly enhancing their connectivity.

Furthermore, Intercity has assisted HORIBA MIRA in improving their service delivery and developing park services.

This is highlighted by Simon, who said:

“Technology is at our heart, so connectivity is key to that. Intercity have been invested and interested in HORIBA MIRA, really moving their digital assets on to achieve digital agility, and really getting the maximum out of our technology.”

Intercity provide HORIBA MIRA with an adaptable approach, bringing ideas and considerations from our industry knowledge and expertise to help HORIBA MIRA continuously evolve. HORIBA MIRA have found us easy to work with, collaborative, and importantly genuinely invested and interested in HORIBA MIRA to help the business go from analogue technology to being digitally agile.

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