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The COVID-19 crisis is changing day-to-day life in unprecedented ways. The reality is many firms, especially SMEs, won't have anticipated the requirements for their entire workforce shifting to remote-working before. We are committed to helping our customers adapt to remote working quickly so you can enable your staff to connect safely and securely wherever they are and keep your business moving forward.

You're not alone if you found yourself rushing to put in place all the arrangements necessary to stay in business remotely. We're here to help you at this critical time, working tirelessly to provide you with the business communication tools you need to help you stay connected. With access to Unified Communications, our single cloud platform for HD voice, conference calling, video meetings and file sharing, we enable businesses like yours to stay operational, no matter where your workforce may be. We can also provide you with bespoke mobile plans with unlimited data and a choice of networks, data and tariff options giving you the reliability and flexibility you need to #KeepYourBusinessTalking.

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