The threat landscape is constantly evolving with more and more sophisticated cyberattacks flying under the radar. Your network is a prime target for cybercriminals.

Just like a bouncer at a nightclub, a firewall stands guard at the entrance to a network, making sure that only those on the guestlist are allowed through. Physical firewalls prevent both known and unknown zero-day attacks by to filter out and block unauthorised access and network traffic at the boundary of your network to protect your data before it’s too late. This includes threat prevention across your network, cloud, IoT and remote users.  

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Have greater flexibility and control over your network with access to an all-in-one console for full visibility and management over your physical firewall

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Physical firewalls can be located on-premise or you can choose colocation. To learn more about our Tier 3 datacentre, simply hit the button below. 


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