Who are Pentest People?

Pentest People innovates to deliver premier Penetration Testing as a Service for businesses across the UK. Their goal: enhance cybersecurity, safeguard assets, and foster a secure digital landscape. With a dedicated team, they tailor solutions to exceed client expectations. And that's where Intercity come in!


The Challenge

While pentesting uncovers vulnerabilities within businesses, Pentest People did not possess the in-house ability to deliver solutions for these issues. This is due to the integrity of the vulnerabilities Pentest People find in their customers' estates, they do not benefit from identifying problems. This is where they bring in Intercity to bridge this gap: Pentest People identifies the issues, and Intercity provides the necessary solutions.

The Solution

Pentest People and Intercity act as external auditors for each other, protecting customers by making sure neither business is in an advantageous position by spotting vulnerabilities. When Pentest People identify issues in a customer's security, they recommend Intercity and their wide range of security services to remediate them. This ranges from Microsoft, to acting as a CTOaaS in a business. This is the same with Intercity, who will use Pentest People to review customers' security estates so there is a third-party in place. 

The Business Benefits

Through involved account management, Intercity have created a joined up approach and synergy with Pentest People. Pentest People and Intercity have built trust in each other's services, and therefore can entrust their customers to one another knowing they will deliver an excellent service.

This is signified by Kane Pierce, Pentest People's Head of Partnerships, who said that :

“Trust is vital in any relationship, and then when it comes to security trusting who you work with is incredibly important. We trust Intercity to introduce them to our customers, knowing that their work, their solutions, their consultancy will help those customers remediate properly.”

Intercity is the ideal technology Channel partner to enable organisations like yours to flourish securely in the new age of working from anywhere. We enable businesses and people to be productive anywhere, anytime, regardless of device, communications or technology. Connecting and securing from device to the cloud. To learn how you can Do More with Intercity as a Channel partner check out our Partner Programme here, speak to us here, or use the live chat. To learn more about Pentest People, and some of the fantastic work they’re doing, please click here.