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Openreach have shared plans for all traditional voice services, such as ISDN and PSTN, to become obsolete by December 2025, and there are many reasons why your business should be switching to digital voice solutions as soon as possible:

Secure your future comms - Moving away from ISDN and PSTN by using futureproof IP based digital telephony services over fibre based networks means you can be safe in the knowledge that your services won't be disrupted by the switch off.

Enjoy higher quality transmission and speeds - Using the latest full fibre technologies combines the best quality network to run your IP telephony solution as well as the highest data throughputs.

IP telephony solutions give you greater flexibility and management control over your service configuration, geographical presence, moves adds and changes as well as your call routing options.

Save time and hassle - Switching now will avoid the last-minute rush and possible service disruption that could result from leaving it to the last minute.


It's the end of the line for ISDN... So what do experts recommend to future proof your business?

The ISDN and PTSN Switch off is happening in 2025. You can play the waiting game, but other businesses are getting a head start making cost savings, improving efficiency, and levelling up their communications.

In the maze of solutions out there, one size doesn’t fit all. Access our on-demand webinar to learn how the switch-off will affect your business and how to make the first step to replacing your outdated tech.

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What is the ISDN Switch Off, and why is it happening?

The ISDN switch off refers to the deactivation and shutdown of ISDN (Integrated Services Digital Network) technology, it was what our original communication systems were built on but now it's old, and outdated. This switch is part of the industry's effort to future-proof telecommunications, replacing outdated technologies with more advanced alternatives such as Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP).

When is the ISDN switch off scheduled to take place?

The ISDN switch off is scheduled for December 2025, signalling the end of this legacy technology once and for all. The digital world has evolved far from these original analogue lines, and it's time to make way for evolving communication trends and technologies.

How will the ISDN switch off affect my current communication setup?

The switch off will impact your business if analogue technology like ISDN and PSTN lines underpin your current communication systems. Once they turn off, if you haven't migrated to modern alternatives like VoIP, your customers won't be able to contact you. But don't fear! Updating your communications is easier than you may think.

What steps should I prepare my business for the ISDN switch off?

To prepare for the ISDN switch off, you need to upgrade your communication infrastructure to a more advanced and future-proof solution, such as VoIP. But no one size fits all, and for a tailored solution you can get in touch with our experts to see what solution works for your business.

Will the ISDN switch off affect my current phone system?

Yes, the switch off will impact traditional phone systems relying on ISDN. That's why it's important to switch to VoIP, or other modern technologies, to be able to communicate with your customers. If you don't make the switch ahead of time, you may not be prepared or be able to make the transition ahead of the December 2025 switch off as everyone else tries to catch up as well.

How can VoIP technology benefit my business after the ISDN switch off?

VoIP, or Voice over Internet Protocol, is a cutting-edge technology that offers your business enhanced features and cost-effective communication solutions. By switching to VoIP, you position your business for improved scalability, flexibility, and efficiency in comparison to the outdated ISDN. We're sad to see it go, but we love to watch it leave. 

What role does Openreach play in the ISDN switch off?

BT Openreach are no longer offering ISDN and PSTN-based services, and with the stop-sell of September 2023 this marks the end of the analogue technology. Openreach have started withdrawals ahead of the December 2025 switch off, and while you can use the technology in the meantime once the switch off happens in 2025 your non-upgraded systems will shut down. This makes way for the digital age: faster, more reliable, and more flexible. 

Will the ISDN switch off impact my existing software systems?

Your existing software systems may need to be updated to ensure compatibility with modern communication technologies. If you have analogue-based systems, there are options for re-using these instead of doing a complete digital overhaul. Don't know what solution you need? You can consult with our experts for a tailored solution.

How can I ensure a smooth transition for my customers during the ISDN switch off?

Your customers don't even need to sense you've transitioned your tech, other than that it's better. Make sure you make the switch well ahead of the December 2025 switch off to ensure your communications don't shut down, and that you can keep in touch with your customers without disruption.

Is it necessary to switch from ISDN, or can I continue using it after the switch off?

The ISDN underpins everything from phone lines, to broadband, alarms and lift emergency call systems. If you don't move these communications to the cloud, making call available over the Internet, then these will not work. That means your alarms won't go off if there is an intrusion; if a lift stops working your people could get stuck, and your customers won't be able to contact you. You won't be able to use ISDN lines after the switch off, as they will be permanently deactivated. 


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