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Introducing Private Cloud PaaS

With Private Cloud Platform as a Service (PaaS), we provide a secure and flexible cloud platform with agile storage and infrastructure. Our experts proactively ensure your cloud platform is always available, enabling you to focus on the more creative and technical side of IT. Our Tier 3 data centres ensure your data remains in the UK at all times.


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PaaS vs SaaS — which cloud computing service is best for your business?

Choosing the right cloud service model depends on the business requirements and various factors which include infrastructure, IT staff resources, cost considerations, and cloud security requirements. PaaS can be beneficial to organisations that want to prioritise application development and need control over the application's architecture. Whereas SaaS (Software as a Service) is great for organisations who want to minimise IT overhead and quickly deploy software solutions for business operations. 

What are the key advantages of using PaaS for business application development?

Some of the main advantages of using Platform as a Service (PaaS) for business application development are:

  • Improved scalability without the need for manual intervention if a business requires more resources. 
  • Improved Usability. Many PaaS include messaging systems, and application hosting which reduces the need to manage and maintain these services separately.
  • Reduces complexity. PaaS takes care of the background infrastructure of the platform, allowing your teams to focus on what matters. 

What types of applications are best suited for PaaS deployment?

Platform as a Service can be a great solution regardless of your existing infrastructure. In particular, it is very well suited to web-based applications. Its specialised tools cater to the complexities of web development, providing a streamlined experience for developers. PaaS is also great for mobile app development, supporting deployment across multiple platforms, and collaborative and productivity tools. 

How do PaaS providers handle data backup and recovery?

Your PaaS provider should always have security at the top of their priorities to ensure they are following the three principles of security - data integrity, availability and recovery. The most common feature of PaaS solutions is automated backups that regularly back up your data at scheduled intervals. this ensures that recent data is captured and can be recovered in case of data loss or corruption. And, of course, encryption is a must to ensure data remains secure during any transfer or storage processes. 


Use PaaS to simplify your migration to the Cloud

Cloud migration comes with its own challenges. PaaS provides a deployment platform that simplifies the transition from on-premises infrastructure to the cloud.

In our cloud migration toolkit, we’ll explore the biggest hurdles you will face on your journey to the cloud, and how to overcome them.

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Your IT workforce needs a reliable and secure platform to do what they do best, without worrying about availability and security. Empower your people to develop and host their applications from anywhere, with 99.99% availability, giving you scalable, managed costs with improved speed, flexibility and agility. Speak to us to find out how Private Cloud will benefit you and your business.

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