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Doing more for our customers

Running a business is hard enough without technology problems. We’ll help your people Do More by expanding your IT capabilities and providing a safe pair of hands, when and wherever you need us.

Tech is so much more than a tool - it’s about making amazing things happen. Tech is ensuring a hospital can access vital patient information or a charity being able to communicate in the remotest parts of the world.

Whether it’s doing something better, doing something faster, or doing something new, we use tech to deliver benefits to your business by enabling you to Do More.

From our unique ‘Do More’ culture to our outstanding reviews, discover what makes our people different.

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Looking for that next move? We’re always looking for top talent, so head on over and see if we’re hiring.

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Do More culture

We love what we do. We want you to love what we do. Learn more about the philosophy that sets us apart from other IT providers.

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People power

Meet the people behind the tech. They’re a friendly bunch and the absolute best at what they do. Find out what makes our team so special.

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Intercity the community

We never stand still. Find out what the Intercity team has been up to and how we like to spend our time, whether that means five-a-side football or helping out in the local community.

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