Who are the University of Law?

The University of Law (UOL) are the largest provider of legal education in the UK. They have 19 locations worldwide, 16 of which are in the UK, as well as an additional Online Campus to support learning from anywhere. That's a lot of professors, admin, and students to keep connected! That's where Intercity come in.

The Challenge

UOL were receiving a poor service direct from their previous network as it could not support the scale of demand the university's users posed. UOL colleagues' did a lot of roaming, but were not on the most effective data roaming plan which caused unpredictable spikes in costs.

Additionally, with multiple sites across UK, network coverage fluctuated across different universities causing some connections to suffer more than others. 

The Solution

After a partner referral, UOL went forward with Intercity as their mobile service provider. Intercity were already working with other big customers in the legal sector, so had the capacity and experience to support UOL.

For a seamless transition, one of our Business Development Managers, Oli, spent a lot of time personally managing the transfer. A large number of connections had to be transferred and lots of information gathered, this required constant communication and support with multiple personnel, across multiple levels.

Dates for the transition were agreed and met, with active follow ups to ensure success. One instance of this is SIMs being sent out beforehand, as well as new handsets, to multiple delivery locations across the UK. This was to ensure that despite being a mass operation everything went smoothly. Furthermore, the devices were made to match the UOL brand.

UOL were given access to a portal where they could access cost and data analyses easily, as well as change network providers for each individual site, at any time of the day. Having one portal, one bill, yet access to multiple networks, enables UOL to cut through the red tape and have power over their networks.

The Business Benefits

UOL now benefit from predictable costs, as well as peace of mind when roaming across all of their 16 UK sites. The customer portal also enables them to have visibility and access to their account information readily available.

Our two companies have also developed a fantastic working relationship with a personal, dedicated customer relationship with their account manager, James.

We recently met with Ban Kadi, UOL's Global IT Services Manager, who had this to say when we asked whether he would recommend our services:

“Intercity provide a highly reliable service. They’re very personable, very friendly, very knowledgeable, and they always go above and beyond.”

Intercity is the ideal technology partner to enable organisations like yours to flourish securely in the new age of working from anywhere. We enable businesses and people to be productive anywhere, anytime, regardless of device, communications or technology. Connecting and securing from device to the cloud. To learn how you can Do More with Intercity, please speak to us here or use the live chat. To learn more about the University of Law, as well as the scale of their work in legal education, please click here.