Mabey Hire is part of the UK division of the Mabey Group, which helps construction and infrastructure customers deliver projects more quickly, safely and efficiently, with expert engineers digitally designing and delivering modular bridging and temporary works solutions around the world.

The problem

With sites across the UK, Mabey Hire wanted to ensure that all of its colleagues were connected and able to work collaboratively wherever they were. It was also keen to find a solution which could centralise and consolidate all telephony solutions and deliver more bandwidth to support the modernisation of the business, whilst maintaining the quality needed for VoIP.

Intercity Technology has worked with Mabey Hire for over three years, providing a variety of services across its entire product portfolio, including providing MPLS connectivity to its head office, Dewsbury and Garswood depots, as well as the other associated depots. The MPLS solution connects each site and allows files and data to be sent on a private network both quickly and securely.

The solution

Intercity Technology, partnering with Vodafone, provide Mabey Hire with 250 mobile handsets (currently in the procurement stage) equipped with its Touch Technology unified communications service to allow colleagues to stay connected both across offices and outside of the office.

“We are now entering into a new network and security design which is both scalable and economical and will support our business in its mission – to help our customers deliver their projects more quickly, safely and efficiently.”
Paul Uttley. Head of IT, Business Systems & BI Mabey Hire

Intercity Technology also provided fibre MPLS which was rolled out to all of Mabey Hire’s locations as a cloud-based PBX. This provided the necessary bandwidth and quality needed for voice calling functionality.

Next steps

Intercity Technology and Mabey Hire are currently redesigning the WAN that has been in place for the past three years to simplify the network, remove the unnecessary complexity within its infrastructure, and deliver even better value across all the services they supply. Mabey Hire is also looking to introduce additional security solutions to bolster its current infrastructure.