JDRM offers both NHS and private dentistry through seven trusted family dental practices across Leicestershire and The Rutland areas.

The Challenge

In 2017, JDRM won a tender via the NHS to grow from two sites to seven. As part of this, JDRM had to grow significantly in a short space of time while ensuring all colleagues were connected and able to work collaboratively.

In addition to this, due to the sensitive nature of the business in handling NHS patient records, it was also critical that security was held as a high priority and reviewed as part of the expansion. Intercity Technology was the chosen technology provider to step up to the challenge and help JDRM achieve this.

The Solution

To meet JDRMs brief, Intercity implemented a suite of its products, including connectivity and telephony with Touch Technology and enhanced security through Touch Secure.

These products provided JDRM with a unified strategic infrastructure, simple visibility to ensure the integrity of its network and reporting across its seven sites.

Business Benefits

  • A significant amount of time and resource has been saved due to outsourcing security to Intercity through Touch Secure.
  • Solutions have been deployed ahead of time due to JDRM being able to concentrate on day-to-day operations and leaving project delivery to Intercity.
  • Significant cost savings as JDRM hasn’t had to purchase onsite firewalls for each site, which would have been a huge CapEx cost. Through Touch Secure Intercity offered a flexible OpEx solution, which was more tailored to JDRMs requirements and kept in line with project budgets.

Next Steps

Intercity Technology is exploring implementing a managed Wi-Fi solution across JDRMs estate, which will provide additional benefits to customers and boost product sales.

In addition to this, JDRM is looking to deploy its own bespoke HR system specifically built for dentists, Intercity will be working with them to deploy this within its Touch Cloud platform providing an additional revenue stream for the business.