Nugent Care is a charitable organisation which offers a diverse range of support to adults and children across Liverpool and throughout the North West of England. As a social care provider, and the social welfare arm of the Catholic Church, Nugent Careworks at the heart of some of the most vulnerable and disadvantaged communities.

Not only does the charity provide the best possible service to individuals and their families in these areas, it generates interest, awareness and an understanding of the issues they face and the impact of this on wider communities.

The problem

With 800 staff and 450 volunteers, remote working and mobile phone use is crucial to enable employees to keep in touch with colleagues. This is particularly important for lone workers or those working from the homes of service users. For safety reasons, these staff members must be easy to contact.

Before partnering with Intercity, only a small number of managers had mobile phones and 70% of staff did not have access to email. Contacting employees who were working off site was therefore a time consuming and frustrating process. Due to these restrictions, Nugent Care decided that every mobile phone user should also have access to email.

Nugent Care had specific requirements that needed to be adhered to. Bernard Logan, Purchasing Manager at Nugent Care explains, “The IT management team wanted control over devices, including the ability to wipe data if necessary. We also needed to restrict the use of cameras, as service users cannot be photographed without written permission and in certain environments, cameras are perceived as intrusive.”

The solution

Following a benchmarking initiative, Intercity was chosen as Nugent Care’s communications technology partner due to their proactive, rather than reactive, approach. The charity was also delighted by the cost savings Intercity were able to achieve. The new contract with Intercity has led to a significant saving of £20,000 over two years.

“Our cost effective solution is combined with the freedom of unlimited calls and texts, as well as shared data. Intercity’s ability to tailor a tariff to Nugent Care’s needs and budget, coupled with great service, has certainly impressed the charity.”

Paul Jones, Intercity Technology

Intercity’s National Account Manager, Paul Jones, explains, “We added considerable value by addressing security, which was only minimal before our involvement. By listening carefully to uncover requirements and working with their IT team and external suppliers, we have devised the best solution. All users now have devices that offer far better communication and access to email, which has led to many benefits for their professional lives, increasing productivity.”

A platform is now being built into Nugent Care’s computer servers to help them manage all devices. Functionalities will include preventing the use of photography, locating lost phones and controlling the data held by devices.

Not only are employees able to communicate more efficiently, but with access to emails and the ability to respond immediately, they are kept updated and feel more in control. This ultimately leads to a happier workforce.

“Intercity have provided us with a platform for greater efficiency, cost effectiveness and reliability. We are 100% happy with their service and would highly recommend them to other charities and businesses.”

Bernard Logan, Purchasing Manager