Who are Clear Business?

Clear Business specialise in delivering cost-effective services such as telecoms, broadband, utilities, and insurance, tailored specifically for small and medium-sized businesses (SMEs), and their portfolio is only growing. Clear Business actively collaborates with channel partners to enhance its market presence and provide comprehensive, competitively priced solutions to its customers. Watch the video below to hear from Holly Mack, Clear Business's Telecoms Commercial Director, discuss how working with Intercity has helped improve their customer proposition. 


The Challenge

Our relationship with Clear Business began just under two years ago, when they came to Intercity for help with their mobile offering. Clear Business aim to offer their SME customers competitive prices, and were sourcing a channel partner to help them achieve this with their mobile services.

The Solution

Intercity were able to offer a much more flexible way to commercially offer mobile bundles as well as a much wider product range on handsets and much sharper commercials across the mobile solution set. We were able to deploy a new mobile portal for Clear Business to make the operational transition as smooth as possible, with a plan to integrate to a full API by the end of 2023.

The Business Benefits

Working with Intercity has eliminated the hassle for Clear Business of dealing with multiple vendors while ensuring cost-efficiency and exceptional customer support.

This is highlighted by Holly Mack, Clear Business's Telecoms Commercial Director, who said that :

“Intercity offer support and flexibility as a partner. We've been able to improve the quality of our mobile products, while also offering low prices to customers, and improve their quality of customer care.”

Furthermore, by utilising Intercity’s world-class NPS and customer satisfaction scores, Clear Business have been able to vastly improve their own customer service as well as improve on their own internal operations. To add to this success they have also been able to report more accurately on both.

Intercity is the ideal technology Channel partner to enable organisations like yours to flourish securely in the new age of working from anywhere. We enable businesses and people to be productive anywhere, anytime, regardless of device, communications or technology. Connecting and securing from device to the cloud. To learn how you can Do More with Intercity as a Channel partner check out our Partner Programme here, speak to us here, or use the live chat. To learn more about Clear Business, and some of the fantastic work they’re doing, please click here.