Who are Burgess Farms?

Burgess Farms is a family-owned business based in Peterborough, producing vegetables including potatoes, parsnips and garlic. It supplies several well-known UK high-street supermarkets. Founded in 1898, it has expanded using strong ethical values and today remains a privately owned business with active involvement from the fourth generation of the Burgess family.


The Challenge

Our relationship with Burgess Farms started in 2021 with an initial assessment of their existing IT infrastructure and how Intercity could help them succeed. The business had three sites that were all using on-premise storage solutions. This broken up storage method meant the farms were not connected efficiently nor set-up to communicate effectively.

The Solution

The first phase of the project was to migrate Burgess Farms to our private cloud which was their top priority. They had considered but decided against using public cloud, as it would still be their responsibility to set up and maintain. Using Intercity’s private cloud, with primary resources hosted in our Birmingham data centre, looked ideal. We migrated their existing virtual machines, stand them up, with backup to our Bolton data centre, and set up disaster recovery in line with Burgess Farms’ requirements for Recovery Point Objective (backup interval) and Recovery Time Objective (disaster recovery).

The second priority for Burgess Farms was to move their ERP system. Like many specialist business applications, their ERP had no SaaS equivalent, dependent on a fast client running on the Citrix terminals. Intercity added the required capacity and successfully migrated the ERP, completing in time for the change freeze required by Burgess Farms as the growing season began.

The Business Benefits

With Intercity collaborating closely with Burgess Farms' team, including Gary Ingham their Head of IT, we were able to implement and maintain a joined up private cloud solution for them. We were able to take the worry about ERP away from their team so that they could focus on their more strategic business objectives.

This is highlighted by Gary, who told us the following:

“We were nervous about moving our ERP away from our premises. Without ERP, our business would grind to a halt. But as we saw how Intercity progressed with the Citrix migration, keeping us informed along the way, ironing out any unexpected bumps as they went along, it gave us the confidence to entrust them with hosting our ERP.”

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