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Have you ever had a bad dream where you’re at work, things are going well, then all of a sudden you log onto your device. All files are corrupted, documents are missing and vital company records are nowhere to be found? Then, you later discover that an undercover hacker tampered with your servers the night before and managed to steal classified information, whilst causing irreversible damage in the process? You have some weird dreams.

But, it’s a sobering reality for many businesses - and one that often has simple solutions. One of those is Dedicated Managed Hosting. The office can be a vulnerable place, especially when it houses so much valuable information in its servers. The good news is that this nightmare doesn’t have to be a reality. Here at Intercity technology we provide world-class Dedicated Managed Hosting services.

By taking away the burden of compliance, availability and security, Intercity’s Hosting Services save you time and money, reduces carbon emissions, and enable your business to Do More.

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