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Ensure maximum uptime

Our SaaS cloud platform has points of presence across Europe, North America & Asia. Touch Technology ensures you have constant availability and uninterrupted business continuity.

Touch Technology features

Crystal clear visibility

Our managed cloud admin tools give you full transparency and control over your applications, services and platforms, ensuring you can always support your business, wherever you’re located.

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Boost business productivity

Unify your instant messaging, conference calling and screen sharing modules with the cloud, to enable more efficient collaboration and better teamwork across your business.

Touch Technology brochure

“Intercity not only met our needs in the solution design, they also worked to help us understand what was possible.”

Mark Faithfull

Head of Operations, Prepay Solutions

Why Touch Technology?

With our cloud-based unified communication software, your people can collaborate and communicate from anywhere with 99.99% availability, while providing you with a predictable cost structure. An entirely scalable and customisable solution, Touch Technology ensures seamless end-to-end communication from any location.

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