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Ensure UK data sovereignty

Our Tier 3, N+1 data centres in the North West and South East of England ensure your data remains in the UK at all times. This ensures faster reach for connecting to the cloud. Always supported by a UK-based technical team.

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Predictable spend. Lower costs.

With managed BaaS and DRaaS, what you see is what you get. Your costs are fixed giving you predictable spend analysis, no hidden extras and no capital expense.

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Minimal business downtime

With our DRaaS managed service, RTO is measured in minutes and with BaaS you’re always back up the very next day. Our facilities are always up-to-date and available.

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Why choose Intercity for BaaS and DRaaS?

At Intercity, we are your trusted advisor to take the complexity out of your disaster recovery plan and backup processes. Our BaaS and DRaaS services ensure you can focus on running your core business without the distractions of managing duplicate servers, systems and software.

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