As of 2023, we are now on an NPS Score of +87!

The Institute of Customer Service (ICS) have conducted their 2022 survey measuring how happy our customers are with the service we provide them with here at Intercity. With our core company focus being on helping our customers Do More, whether that be improving the way they currently do things or allowing them to do things they couldn't previously, we put our customers at the heart of everything we do.

It's no wonder then that this mentality is reflected in our ICS results! Our UK Customer Satisfaction Index (UKCSI) benchmark score of 83 puts our effectiveness in accomplishing customer satisfaction alongside leading companies such as John Lewis and Amazon. It also puts us leaps above not only the Telecommunications & Media sector’s average, but all sectors in the UK!

Our ICS NPS Score is 60, and our internal T-NPS Score of +75, is not only sector leading, but world-class! It exhibits how highly all our customers that we’ve helped to Do More recommend us.

We do the work so you don't have to: Our customers rate the effort they have to put into doing business with us as 2.5 in terms of Customer Effort, compared to the Telecommunications and Media industry's average of 5.5. The lower the better in this sense, we're happy to say it's a pleasure doing business with us.

Other results from the survey found our staff's helpfulness and competency set them apart in what customers described as their 'professional' and 'knowledgeable' approach to customer service. Not only do we have a high retention of our customer base, but they're also highly likely to recommend us to others!

Thank you all for your glowing reviews. We endeavour not only to make our products and services of the highest quality possible to help you do business, but we apply this to our customer service, too, in our doing business together. We're constantly improving, and we look forward to continued, excellent customer dealings in future.