We're thrilled to announce that Intercity has officially acquired Centrality, a renowned specialist in Microsoft Solutions with over 25 years of experience and one of the most accredited Microsoft partners in the UK!  

This marks an important milestone in our growth journey, transforming us into a £60M turnover company with over 325 colleagues. On top of our already impressive portfolio of Managed IT services, Cloud & Security and Communications, we are now also capable of delivering a broad suite of Microsoft solutions, with a strong regional presence across Bolton, Birmingham, Northampton and Bedford.

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“We are thrilled to welcome Centrality to the Intercity Group. Centrality have grown significantly over the last three decades and become well-known for their innovative and forward-thinking solutions by taking a Microsoft and cloud-first approach.  Our commitment to be the best tech partner to work for and with will only be strengthened with this news. We look forward to welcoming all Centrality colleagues and their complementary expertise as they join the Intercity Group.” - Andrew Jackson, Intercity Group CEO.

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The acquisition was targeted towards Centrality’s Microsoft expertise, elevating the Intercity Group with the credentials and capabilities of a leading Microsoft partner. We now can license and manage Microsoft from Mobile, through End User Devices, Onsite Servers and Azure. The combination of our cyber expertise and Centrality’s Security Operations Centre (SOC) will also provide an enhanced 24/7 proactive managed service. We recognise the immense value that Centrality’s people bring to the table, and we are excited to welcome them into the Intercity group with open arms.   


  • Access to a UK leading Microsoft Partner with expertise and capability across Modern Workplace, Azure Infrastructure, Data & AI, Digital & App Innovation and Security 
  • Transformation into a £60M turnover company with over 325 colleagues (and 100 engineers) 
  • Now a go-to destination for all your Managed IT Service requirements 
  • A nationwide MSP - strong regional presence across Bolton, Birmingham, Northampton, and now Bedford  
  • The combination of Intercity’s Cyber Security services and Centrality's Security Operations Centre (SOC) creates an end to end, 'culture to operations' cyber framework, underpinned by a 24/7 proactive managed service 
  • People-first, Customer-first approach and excellence in customer service ensuring a seamless fit for growth objectives

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Being able to bring all of this to bear, along with Centrality’s combined people-first approach and excellence in customer service, makes them a seamless fit for our growth objectives. We recognise the immense value that Centrality’s people bring to the table, and we are excited to welcome them into the Intercity group with open arms. 

“We are delighted to welcome the colleagues of Centrality to the Intercity group. This has been a very targeted addition for our business to support our future growth ambitions. We have aligned people, and customer first values and Centrality bring fantastic Microsoft capabilities to complement and enhance our existing portfolio of Communications, Managed IT, Cloud and Security services and solutions. We now offer our customers an impressive breadth of first-class services delivered by great people” - Charlie Blakemore, CEO of Intercity 


But that's not all – we're delighted to announce that David Keeling, CEO of Centrality, will be joining Intercity’s board as Managing Director of a new division. This division, specifically aimed at leveraging Centrality’s Microsoft capability, will further enhance our ability to Do More for our customers, driving innovation and excellence as a Microsoft solutions provider. 

"I'm really pleased to see Centrality join the Intercity Group. Our combined expertise will allow us to provide a more comprehensive range of capabilities for our customers. Centrality's position as a Microsoft partner puts us in an elite group of accredited organisations, very few in the UK possess Microsoft credentials that we do. We've always maintained our people-first approach, making us easy to do business with, treating every customer as a partnership. Intercity shares these core values, meaning our customers can continue to expect the outstanding service they've come to know and love."  - David Keeling, Centrality CEO. 

As we move forward, we are committed to taking a unified approach to drive success in our expanded customer base. This means shared services, increased capacity, and, most importantly, bigger teams with more opportunities and capabilities. By merging our teams, we are not only strengthening our internal resources but also enhancing our ability to deliver exceptional solutions to our customers. 

"We are committed to ensuring a smooth transition for all our employees as we join Intercity. Our shared values and vision will guide us as we integrate into the wider organisation." - [Centrality Chief People Officer] 

We are now a go-to destination for your Managed IT Service requirements - with a comprehensive range of solutions. This, coupled with our world-class Net Promoter Score (+90), Best Companies 3* rating, and our robust Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) credentials—backed by our EcoVadis platinum sustainability rating—you can confidently look to us as your trusted tech partner. 

This is an exciting new chapter in our journey of growth and success. We are incredibly excited about the possibilities that lie ahead and look forward to embarking on this journey together as we welcome our new colleagues from Centrality. We’ll continue to bring you further details on the integration between our two businesses over the coming days and weeks.