Unified communications

Give your people the tools to work together more efficiently by consolidating all your communication channels onto one platform, boosting business productivity.

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Managed cloud services

More transparent information means better collaboration and efficiency across teams. Our managed cloud services reduce silos across your business by providing everyone with centralised and secure access to data, no matter where they are located.

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Telemedicine video conferencing

HD video conferencing widens the critical diagnosis window for healthcare professionals, regardless of their location. Telemedicine brings patients closer to doctors regardless of location, and saves lives.

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“Intercity fully understood the challenge and went the extra mile during the project…. We trust the team implicitly and know that our infrastructure will meet future demands.”

Network Manager

The Royal Mint

Connect, communicate, collaborate.

Siloed systems have no place in modern business. It’s time to break down walls and empower your people to connect, communicate and collaborate safely and efficiently regardless of location or device.

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