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Consolidate networks with MPLS

You can incorporate all your users across the globe, whether they are in the office or working remotely, into a single, secure, private MPLS network for the entire company, ensuring your business is always available.

Faster FTTC connection

FTTC is one of the fastest, most reliable forms of connectivity. A fibre line provides secure, clean connection with hassle free installation and low maintenance.

Reduce costs with SIP trunking

Replace ISDN lines with SIP trunking; a data connection for your telephone calls over IP, broadband or leased line. Free branch-to-branch calls reduces international charges, supporting multiple locations and agile scalability when you need it.

“Intercity fully understood the challenge and went the extra mile during the project…. We trust the team implicitly and know that our infrastructure will meet future demands.”

The Royal Mint

Network Manager

Why is connectivity important?

Your internal networks and IT infrastructure relies on the speed of your connectivity. With a faster wireless connection you can save money on long distance calling, improve the speed at which your people work, deploy better communication channels for your workforce and route data across the business faster. A robust connection opens the door for so many opportunities. Find out how we can help enhance your connectivity.

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Your business internet connectivity needs to be reliable and secure to keep your business running. Find out more about Intercity’s connectivity...

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