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The Cloud Security Maturity Index

The Cloud Security Maturity Index: How secure is your cloud?

Our new report reveals how well (or not) UK businesses are adapting their cyber security in the cloud age. How does your organisation’s cloud security compare? Download to find out.

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Businesses across the UK are choosing to migrate to the cloud and go infrastructure-free, leaving their old, physical infrastructures and reams of hardware behind. Many have already completed the process.

The benefits of the cloud are clear: it’s more flexible, more scalable and often more cost-effective.

But with this comes new cyber security challenges and an ever-expanding threat vector. We wanted to find out how IT decision-makers – from all types of businesses across the UK – are addressing this. We spoke to IT directors, CTOs and other senior figures across numerous key sectors, and compiled a report with our findings.

Download the report – you’ll find out:

  • How many businesses feel fully safe in the cloud (it’s not many)
  • What the biggest cloud security concerns are across all sectors
  • Overall attitudes towards cloud security – generally and within sectors
  • The steps that you can take to secure your cloud

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Who took part in this survey?

To capture an accurate snapshot of where various types of businesses currently are in their cloud security journeys, we spoke to professionals and decision-makers across key sectors, including:

Businesses And Professional Services

Businesses And Professional Services

Financial And IT Services

Financial And IT Services

Retail, Distribution And Transport

Retail, Distribution And Transport

One out of every five cloud-enabled UK businesses is at risk because of poor or non-existent cloud security.

One out of every five cloud-enabled UK businesses is at risk because of poor or non-existent cloud security. white-image

Some key findings from the report

With feedback from IT decision-makers, our report has identified opinions, concerns, knowledge gaps and evolving trends when it comes to UK businesses and cloud security. Here is a flavour of what we found.

43% Of Businesses

43% Of Businesses

see the development of cloud-related security threats as too fast-moving to keep up with


Only 18% Of IT Decision-Makers

feel their organisations have ‘fully comprehensive’ cloud security solutions in place

45% Of Businesses

45% Of Businesses

said technically-correct security solutions are too complex to manage internally

Let’s talk about cloud security

Migration to the cloud is becoming the norm in UK business. Download our report to get a clear understanding of the implementation and impact of cyber security in the cloud age.

Download the report