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It's the final countdown 

VoIP is taking over

Intercity_ISDN_guide copyWhy ISDN will be switched off in 2025

ISDN, otherwise known as the Integrated Services Digital Network, is the infrastructure currently utilised by the UK for voice communications. 
It is a circuit switched network which transmits voice and data via the traditional circuits from PSTN, otherwise known as the Public Switched Telephone Network.
Openreach have shared plans for all ISDN products to become obsolete by 2025, and there are many reasons why your business should be switching as soon as possible:
  • Save money - On average, save up to 50% on your line rental & 25% on calls.
  • Enjoy higher quality transmission and speeds - by moving from traditional copper services like ASDL and FTTC to the latest full fibre technologies you remove the need to use the PSTN, giving you a better quality network to run your IP telephony soloution.
  • IP telephony solutions give you greater flexibility and management control over your concurrent calls, geographical presence and DDIs as well as your call routing options.
  • IP telephony solutions handle emergencies with ease - with predefined Disaster Recovery (DR) call routing built in you can reroute calls to backup sites in seconds.

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Don't wait until 2025

The switch-off date may not be for another four years, but we believe your business should take that all important jump today in 2021. We, along with our partner companies have a range of solutions fit to make the crossover quick and simple. Ready to pull the plug on ISDN? 

“Our advice is don’t wait until 2025 or even 2023. The current climate has already shown businesses the benefits of flexible and collaborative working underpinned by IP telephony. Understanding your estate and moving to IP telephony, supported by the right connectivity will give your business the agility required for the future."


Kelly Green, Product Manager at Intercity

British Telecom trialled its first Integrated Services Digital Network (ISDN) (2)


Don't just take our word for it

JDRM Dental Care

JDRM Dental Care provide dentistry through the NHS as well as privately.
Due to the need to grow from two sites to seven, the company found themselves in need of a solution to enhance the connection and collaboration with employees.
Our team jumped right in, offering an up to date solution which would improve that connectivity through effective telephony with Touch Technology and secure activities with Touch Secure. 
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Keep Switched-On

Don't forget to make that all important return to the ISDN-HUB page. We'll have the information you need to stay switched-on before the switch-off.

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