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Unified communications is revolutionising the way offices operate, across businesses of all sizes. The ability to move calls seamlessly from device to device allows for far greater flexibility in the office, enabling employees to continue phone calls from wherever they are, never having to hang up. Combined with the HD, lifelike, quality of video and audio calls provide the capacity for businesses to provide top customer service and increase competitive advantage. Conferences are thus more effective and easier to organise at a moment’s notice, raising productivity and eliminating the need to travel. Communication across distances has never been easier.

Devices can be managed from anywhere, inside or outside the office, resulting in complete flexibility in how you can be reached at any given time. This doesn’t just make your business life easier, it changes how you work. Flexibility and multi-device management has never been easier. With business VoIP (voice over an internet protocol) employees can communicate from anywhere, on any device - vital calls will not be missed as everyone is always available, and home working is completely practical. In addition to increased flexibility, unified communications offers more personalisation to the user, with customisable dashboards and flexible interfaces, employees can gear the system to their needs.

With new presence technology, employees are able to see who is available, and on what device, without leaving their desk. This saves valuable, usually wasted, time spent trying to contact others. Telephony systems also contain all contacts, employee and client alike, which means that no time is spent searching through endless files or asking others for the odd phone number or email address. Plus, adding contacts to conversations is instant with unified messaging. All of these innovations help to reduce time wasted and mean more time for the stuff that matters, increasing productivity.

With all this innovation, why rely on traditional call centres? Cloud based contact centres offer high performance, with real-time data monitoring and complete control for businesses over the centres. Unlimited call capacity, adding and removing agents as required, including those at home, ensures complete flexibility and scalability for businesses.

It’s clear to see how effective unified communications can be in changing the way your business operates-making key time savings for employees and speeding up project management. Improved flexibility also arises through device integration, seamless contact and presence technology, being able to contact anyone at any given time. This saves time and reduces huge inefficiencies and any individual can choose how they are contacted, and what their unified communications experience should be like.

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