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Security as a Service (SECaaS) is a cloud delivery model for outsourcing cybersecurity. It provides security services like malware protection, firewall support, and network monitoring on a subscription basis hosted by managed cloud providers.

This model has become popular in recent years, as businesses look to unburden some of the responsibility from in-house teams, scale security needs, and avoid the upfront costs of on-premise alternatives.

Many organisations use SECaaS to support their growing remote workforce, as it provides a convenient way to extend the traditional security perimeter outward to employees that are working from home or on the move. 

The Benefits of SECaaS Solutions

Outsourcing security can be a great way to access comprehensive protection at a fraction of the cost. Many SMEs lack the budget to invest in the hardware, software, and internal overhead to cope with increasing security standards. By delivering cybersecurity through the cloud, businesses can easily scale up their protection without the need for upfront investment in traditional infrastructure. 

For larger businesses, SECaaS solutions are uniquely positioned to fill in any gaps in services, expertise, and resources. They relieve the pressure from in-house teams, so important resources can be reallocated elsewhere. 

Here are four of the most impactful benefits a cloud-based SECaaS can offer.

Discover how our Touch Secure cloud-based security solution protects your  entire business perimiter. 

1. Expert Support

As businesses rapidly transition their processes and data over to the cloud, the demand for digital expertise is increasing. Many organisations are struggling to keep up with the growing skills gap, with 70% of cybersecurity professionals claiming that their organisation has been negatively impacted by the cybersecurity skills shortage.

By adopting a SECaaS model, businesses no longer have to worry about hiring specialists to help with their security concerns. Cloud service providers are made up of cybersecurity professionals that can offer their expertise, advice, and guidance on how best to manage cloud security – giving businesses access to experts without having them on the payroll. 

2. Multi-level Security & Data Protection 

Data is everywhere. It's on personal laptops, mobile devices, home WiFi networks, local servers, and a growing number of cloud services and applications. And to keep that data safe, each of these platforms needs to be secured.

While traditional network security is limited by location, cloud-based security protects all endpoints by giving universal access to data protection, application control, next-generation firewall support, and more. So both in-office and remote employees stay secure while they work. 

3. Cost Savings

SECaaS solutions are less costly than setting up in-house security. You can choose the level of SECaaS protection required for your business, so you only pay for what you need. And while setting up traditional security infrastructure requires the purchase of extra hardware, software, licenses, and staff, SECaaS solutions provide all of the above with no additional cost. 

Also, with SECaaS, all costs are assumed by the service provider, including maintenance, hardware, licencing, and more which is almost always cheaper than attempting to do it all yourself. 

4. Faster Threat Response

Picture this: it’s 3am and your network is under attack. Without dedicated monitoring and alerting, it could be hours before you formulate a response. And by then, it could be too late.  

With SECaaS, your networks are monitored 24/7/365. Around-the-clock coverage means that there's always an expert available to identify and neutralise any security threats. And fast response times means that any potential damage to your network is kept to a minimum. 

Secure Your Network with Intercity

Safeguarding your business against a growing number of security threats isn't easy. That's why we developed Touch Secure, to help organisations manage their security and protect their network. 

Touch Secure is an advanced, cloud-based SECaaS platform that provides business with multi-layered security, ongoing monitoring, remote access protection, and more. It's also fully-backed by our technical experts who are available 24/7 for support with any issues, so you can talk directly to the people who are managing your service. 

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Strengthen Your Remote Security

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