Recent headlines have been dominated with the news of data breaches and cyber-attacks, but sometimes, unforeseen loss and damage can be indiscriminate, a mere accident or technical failure. Earlier this month, the BBC reported that many Virgin media email users experienced such an instance, when their email services were impacted by lengthy system failures.



Not all businesses are going to have the same IT infrastructure, but one thing all businesses should have in common, is a robust data backup strategy. Microsoft 365 offers a powerful suite of tools and services, but it's crucial to recognise that they are not responsible for safeguarding your data against accidental or malicious loss. The responsibility lies with the users, and that's where data backups come into play.

Investing in a reliable backup service is a wise decision. Such backup services store copies of your crucial data in the cloud, protecting it from accidental deletions, cyber-attacks, and other potential threats. When considering a backup service, there are a few essential questions to ask your provider:

  • Is your backup data immutable? Immutable backups ensure that data cannot be altered or deleted even by cybercriminals, providing an extra layer of protection.
  • Does the backup service protect against accidental and malicious loss? A comprehensive backup solution should cover various data loss scenarios to keep your business data secure.

While having a backup is essential, it's equally crucial to implement redundancies in your data protection strategy. Redundancy involves having multiple backups in different locations or formats to safeguard against a range of potential risks. This approach ensures that even if one backup is compromised or inaccessible, there are additional copies to rely on.



As your business thrives and grows, protecting your data becomes an increasingly critical aspect of ensuring its success. Implementing a comprehensive data backup strategy, and building in redundancies are essential steps to safeguard your business against accidental loss and malicious threats. By investing in  protection, you can fortify your business's resilience and position it for long-term success, impervious to data disasters that could otherwise prove catastrophic.

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