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As technology develops, enabling us to be more connected than ever, customers have come to expect 24/7 access to businesses and their services. And after all, a customer journey is not a line, it takes multiple paths and implicates several teams. By providing users with a tool that encapsulates all touchpoints and channels you enable your customers to have a holistic and elevated experience, while also empowering your employees to offer them that excellent service.


Multi-experience (MX) differs from Total Experience (TX) by offering users an omni-channel with different touch points for them to access. It is about offering users different routes to achieve a solution, whether it be a phone call, an SMS, or through a portal. MX gives users more freedom to choose a pathway that suits them, and they’re more likely to take one if you’ve removed any obstacles other methods may pose.


Research from Gartner shows that 65% of consumers say companies they do business with need to improve their customer experience. It is more important than ever to be giving consumers that personalised experience they have come to expect regardless of their chosen pathway.


Of course, offering your customers multiple points of contact is not as straightforward as it sounds. While different platforms offer different experiences, there should be an element of consistency in branding, style and tone of voice so that when your customers move from platform to platform, they know exactly what to expect and the user experience feels familiar. In addition, it removes the silos between the different teams in your business. The handovers and interactions between different teams are often the weakest connections in your customer journey and it’s paramount that your multi-experience strategy accommodates them.


When developing your multi-experience strategy, don’t just consider your customer base, bring your workforce along on the journey too! As a vital part of your customer journey, your employees should feel valued and nurtured. By getting their opinions and feedback, your overall customer experience strategy will be stronger for it.


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