In today's interconnected world, the landscape of geopolitical conflict continues to expand into cyberspace. Recent events have highlighted the vulnerability of critical infrastructure, with a breach into the armed forces payroll system sending shockwaves through the security community.

According to the BBC, the MoD’s breach affected a system managed by an external supplier, exposing sensitive personal information including names, bank details, and in some cases, personal addresses of armed forces personnel.

Public sector and critical infrastructure often lean on an extended supply chain, as well as legacy systems and IOT, making for a large attack surface area. This breach is a stark reminder that security through obscurity is no more; if you are part of a supply chain, you could be a target.

As Downing Street prepare to respond and speculation on the attacker’s origin hit the press, our question is this: What protective measures are available for businesses?

At Intercity, we have developed a suite of solutions alongside our partners which can empower suppliers within the public sector supply chain. Anchored by a robust cyber assessment framework, crafted in alignment with best practices from the National Cyber Security Centre and NIST, we offer a pathway towards enhanced resilience.

We also have a number of free-to-attend cyber shows coming up, where our industry experts and guest speakers share their cyber security wisdom and knowledge. While spaces are limited, these are a great way for organisations to connect with us, network with likeminded professionals and find out how you chart a course towards stronger defences.

If your organisation supports the public sector or critical infrastructure supply chain, you could be a target.

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