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eSIMs are essential in furthering the flexibility and connectivity of your devices. They are completely digital, and just require a QR code to be set up. In the words of Shakespeare, “Though [it] may be but little, [it] is fierce”. Let’s explore why!


eSIM stands for embedded SIM card. They are encased within a device and completely rewritable, so no physical swapping over is required, the profile can simply be downloaded. This saves you a lot of time spent waiting and effort swapping the SIMs over; allows you to easily switch between networks; and reduces the amount of plastic being used.

Save space

As devices evolve to have greater battery lengths and new features, they are also designed to be as light and small as possible. As a result, we have seen SIMs becoming increasingly smaller. eSIMs are the smallest solution yet, helping to save space without compromising your storage. In this way, the development of future devices will rely on eSIM compatibility.

Have multiple numbers on one phone

We all know the pain of juggling both work and personal phones. Some devices allow both eSIM and Nano SIM slots, so both numbers can be combined onto one phone. This helps small businesses reduce costs by being able to use one device for multiple purposes, and benefits employees’ efficiency by having all their information and contacts in one place.

Some phones can support multiple eSims, which gives you support for multi-network set up and mobile connection redundancy should you need it.

Keeps your data backed up

By storing your device’s data in the Cloud, if it is physically lost or stolen it can easily be transferred to a new device. This is integral to preventing your business communications from being significantly interrupted as you can swiftly get the user back up and running without needing to send out a physical SIM.


Intercity are network agnostic, and in our partnerships with Vodafone, EE, and O2 we can offer all three to your business, depending on which is the best option for your needs.


We can help keep your business communications simple, find out how eSIMs can help improve your communications today by contacting our team at 0808 500 1436

Download our eSIM Benefits Datasheet below for a quick summary of the solution to share with your team!

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