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COVID-19 is forcing businesses across the world to move to a remote working environment with very little warning. Most won’t have prepared for this sudden new reality. Now, many are facing huge disruption as they struggle to get the right communications technology set up in time.

We’re here to help our customers respond to the outbreak. That’s why we’ve launched a new support package for enterprises, SMEs, charities, and healthcare providers – our C-19 Rapid Deployment Plan. 

How we’re helping businesses get remote-ready

If you’re feeling overwhelmed by the impact of the COVID-19 outbreak, we can give you the tools and assistance you need to adapt quickly.

Andrew Jackson, CEO of Intercity Technology, commented: “During these uncertain times, our priority is to provide valuable expertise, practical help, and support to our customers and organisations across the region.”

"Businesses are only as strong as the communities in which they are part of. But together, we can address the disruptions to employees and productivity and ramp-up remote working capabilities to keep colleagues connected securely and projects moving forward.”

Help your business get ahead with a remote working solution during the Covid-19  outbreak.

What you get with our C-19 Rapid Deployment Plan

Our bespoke C-19 Rapid Deployment Plan includes:

  • A free consultancy to rapidly find the best remote technology plan for your business
  • C-19 Touch Technology Rapid Deployment offered in an initial 3 month contract, with the option to extend on a rolling monthly basis
  • The option to purchase devices to support your mobility requirements including mobile handsets, tablets, laptops and mobile WiFi with personal 4G/5G hotspots 
  • 24 x 7 support through our secure operations centre, so you'll never be on your own
  • Data centre and cloud hosting, giving your staff highly secure and reliable remote access

With our Touch Technology platform, you get remote access to business-critical tools. Your teams can make, receive, and redirect phone calls via home broadband as if they were in the office. The platform also gives you access to other vital collaboration tools, such as instant messaging and video conferencing.

“Our new business communications support package has been orchestrated to help customers and local businesses to rapidly and easily transfer their workforce to remote working”, Jackson said.  

"From two to 2000+ employees, it's critical for businesses to ensure they have the right technology in place to enable continuity of service.”

In this period of uncertainty, you're our number one priority. We’re ready to help your staff stay safely and securely connected, so you can keep moving forward.     

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