Over the last week, Intercity's branding took centre stage at Edgbaston Cricket Stadium as the highly anticipated first test match of the Ashes reached its dramatic conclusion. 

Put up just in time for the Ashes, our presence at Edgbaston marks the start of a very exciting new chapter, which you can expect more updates on very soon!

The dramatic showdown at Edgbaston has already broken records as the most watched test match in Sky Sports history

To be present during such a globally renowned sporting event is truly an iconic moment for our journey as a business and as a brand. We are immensely proud of being a Birmingham based businesses that has grown with the region.

The Ashes, day four

We had the privilege of hosting values customers and partners in the executive box on day four of the Ashes, with a fantastic view of the pitch and our branding.

Intercity, seen by milli
The intercity brand has been seen by millions of people, as our branding was seen during television broadcasts, trending moments and fan pictures.
The south stand
A symbolic picture.
To see our brand in full view at a global sporting event, against the backdrop of Birmingham's continued growth and development, truly was a special moment.
South stand

The Ashes First Test provided a remarkable platform for Intercity's branding to shine, signalling our commitment to excellence, and a future where our brand continues to make an indelible mark in the IT Managed Services, Communications and Cloud & Security landscape.

We are immensely proud of this milestone and grateful for the ongoing support of our customers, partners, and team members who have made this momentous achievement possible.