As part of its strategic vision centred on growth and innovation, Intercity is delighted to announce a pivotal transformation in its executive leadership structure, designed to propel the company into its next phase of growth and expansion.

Andrew Jackson, who has served as Intercity's CEO for over 14 years, has been instrumental in guiding the business through an extensive diversification strategy. His leadership has significantly expanded the company's reach, notably extending its technology portfolio across Communications, Cloud, Cyber Security and Managed IT Services. Andrew's appointment as Group CEO is a testament to his exceptional vision and his capability to drive success across a diverse set of ventures. In his new role, Andrew will continue to shape the future of the wider group including Intercity, remaining as majority shareholder and leveraging his extensive expertise to foster integration, innovation, and strategic growth across an expanding portfolio of company interests, with technology at the heart of all.

Left - Charlie Blakemore, Intercity CEO. Right - Andrew Jackson, Intercity Group CEO

(Left: Charlie Blakemore, Intercity CEO. Right: Andrew Jackson, Group CEO)

A testament to growth, Intercity has not only delivered impressive financial results but also provided exceptional customer service, as evidenced by our high Net Promoter Scores. This excellence has positioned us as a leading company in our sector, both to work for and to partner with—an achievement underscored by our prestigious Best Companies 3-star award. With standout projects like those at Edgbaston Stadium/Warwickshire Cricket Club, recent acquisitions including Chandler Communications, and a strong commitment to eco-friendly initiatives, Intercity's continued success exemplifies the group's overall growth trajectory.

In line with these exciting changes, Charlie Blakemore, who has served as Group Managing Director for four and a half years—after roles as Chief Operating Officer and a Non-Executive Director – will be appointed CEO of Intercity. In his time at Intercity, Charlie’s leadership has been pivotal to the growth and successful business performance, and his appointment will ensure a seamless transition and a high degree of continuity within the company's strategic direction. This natural progression in leadership underscores our commitment to stability and sustained excellence throughout the business.

Charlie's appointment as CEO of Intercity marks a new chapter for the company, and with his wealth of experience and impressive track-record of growth and business innovation, Charlie is well-poised to lead the company to even greater achievements in the coming years.

"Intercity's dedication to diversification and strategic expansion has set us on a path of remarkable growth and innovation, I now work on the board of a number of other midlands-based technology businesses and across our other business interests, I am honoured to lead our dynamic group of companies into an exciting future. With Charlie's invaluable experience and visionary leadership at Intercity, we are exceptionally well-positioned to achieve unprecedented success."

Andrew Jackson, Group CEO