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In the past year, we've seen just how important communication and collaboration is for remote working success. Software like Microsoft Teams has been instrumental in keeping employees connected while away from the office. 

But the MS teams platform doesn't offer in-built calling functionality, which can limit end-users that are working remotely.

To solve this issue, Intercity developed Direct Calling for Teams. 

What is Direct Calling for Teams?

Direct Calling for Teams is a unified communications (UC) platform that helps businesses overcome the inherent limitations of Microsoft Teams. Acting as an extension of the platform, it allows users to make and receive internal and external calls securely to and from the PSTN.

For remote workers, this lets them collaborate across their business with ease. Calls can be delivered whenever and wherever they like, on the device of their choosing. This additional functionality is embedded within the Microsoft Teams platform, providing quick access to voice, video, instant messaging, and mail communications.

Everything is delivered through MS teams. So you can satisfy your telephony and collaboration needs through an intuitive tool that builds upon the platform your end-users are already accustomed to. 

Learn more about Intercity's latest solution, Direct Calling for Teams. Make  internal calls, as well as external calls to and from the PTSN.

The Benefits of Direct Calling for Teams

More businesses are transitioning to long-term remote working and for continued success, it's essential that teams have the tools to work from anywhere. While the native MS Teams platform provides some great features, our solution takes it one step further.

Here are four key benefits of Direct Calling for Teams. 

1. It Supports Flexible Working 

In 2021, we expect more businesses than ever to adopt hybrid working. The office of the future will be defined by flexibility, but to keep up with growing demands, organisations need IT solutions that let their staff work from anywhere. 

Direct Calling for Teams gives users the power to collaborate internally and externally – anytime, anywhere, and on the device of their choice. This gives employees the tools to connect with their co-workers at home, in the office, or on the move. 

Additionally, by allocating UK and international DDIs, our solution extends the reach of your user base. You can manage key business functions with national and international reach, all from a single, centralised platform.

2. Quick and Easy Set-up 

Getting started with Direct Calling for Teams is simple. As the solution is integrated directly with the MS platform, there's no need to download additional software or install extra applications. This means you can start taking advantage of the benefits straight away, with no disruption. 

All call features are easily accessible through your existing Teams client, so after a simple setup, users get access to everything they need to enhance their communications from one easy-to-use platform. 

3. Tailored for User Requirements 

As our solution acts as part of the MS platform, it's fully-customisable and can be tweaked to suit individual requirements. Users can tailor the solution by using new numbers, porting in existing numbers, or using a combination of both. So it's easy to capture all contact details and set up new profiles when needed. 

Plus, users have the choice over what device, browser, or mobile endpoint they want to use to access the platform. And with support for up to five devices per user, they can take the additional functionality with them, wherever they choose to work. 

4. A Fully Scalable Solution

Direct Calling for Teams allows for easy capacity expansion, so it's fully scalable to meet growing business needs. Additional users can be added and removed quickly, with onboarding and setup taking a matter of minutes. 

As our solution is fully-managed, we can also provide inbound and outbound usage reporting so you can monitor how much data you're using and can adjust your requirements accordingly. 

Enhance Your Internal Communications with Direct Calling for Teams

Direct Calling for Teams helps businesses improve their communications and extend their reach. With easy integration with the MS Teams platform, organisations can start reaping the rewards of effective collaboration straight away. 

To learn more, download our Direct Calling for Teams brochure today. 

Download The Brochure

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