Private Cloud makes your business + how it shares information = more efficient. That's the quick maths of the matter but read on to see how different solutions can cater to your business.


There was a time when you would have to go into the office because that’s where the phone system was – it’s where your desk phone, desktop computer and the application servers were housed. You had no choice but to be in the office because essentially that building was full of the stuff you needed to get your job done. But that’s in the past.

These days, owing to increased use of the Cloud, the way we work is changing.In fact, employees working from home spend the time they would have been otherwise commuting or driving to work into productive work hours. Giving your teams the capability to work remotely empowers them with more freedom, making them more efficient and in turn making your business more profitable. You'll also be reducing the energy bills that a full, active office demands.


Private and corporate networks were once governed by local extensions and being on the corporate LAN, with collaborative environments depending rigidly on certain desktop PCs, software, and plugins. Cloud applications remove these confines by allowing you to work from a variety of devices. You can even join a conference call from the browser on your smart watch! Despite the low angle your colleagues will be privy to, you'll look pretty cool to the general public.

Private Cloud means it’s not just a case of having the choice of where you want to be. It’s also how you want to access, consume and participate in a service. Now you can use whatever device you like, without any restrictions based on the sort of technology you’re using, whether it’s Windows or Apple, Google or Firefox.


The quality of the communication itself can have a real effect on the overall user experience, for example, does the conferencing facility have high definition voice and video? It might sound simple, but having HD quality voice is so much better for getting a good understanding and really hearing what someone is saying.

The lousy service you sometimes get on a mobile, or the hopeless service you may get on Skype, we've all been there. But you don't have to stay there-- with a private network you can talk to colleagues with HD audio, so clear it feels that they’re in the room with you. That's the power of our Private Cloud!


Traditionally when it comes to conferencing, it has been a struggle to scale a conference up and down without intervention, constraints or cost implications. The beauty of IP-based conferencing is that you can pretty much scale to whatever you want and no one will stop you.

If you’re on our corporate Private Cloud platform and you want to set up an all-hands call, then you can without any fuss. This gives the end user control over the scale of the communication.


The Cloud may have started out as a ripple in a sea of data solutions and business technology, but in just a few years it has become the primary way we work. We offer a range of cloud solutions that enable the aforementioned benefits to your business, from hybrid cloud management to on-the-premises services.

To determine how your company can benefit from the Cloud, contact our experts today to let us do the equation as to your perfect solution! To start reaping the benefits of an empowered team, efficient remote working, and secured data, check out our Cloud Migration Toolkit below.

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