In an era of healthcare digital transformation, the importance of reliable and predictable data is undeniable. There’s no doubt that the network is the lifeblood of the healthcare enterprise, transporting and protecting critical information around the clock. A healthy network means your organisation can quickly scale and support new applications and technologies that offer improved visibility, and better patient outcomes, as well as identify and overcome constant cyberattacks. 

During COVID-19, many healthcare providers realised that their network was underperforming. Emerging healthcare technologies and the accelerated deployment of the Internet of Medical Things (IoMT), telehealth/virtual visits and remote health monitoring needed the support of high-performing networks that can scale on demand. According to IDC FutureScape: Worldwide Health Industry 2021 Predictions, digitally-enabled remote care and clinical trials will drive 70% growth in spending on connected health technologies by providers and life science companies by 2023, meaning you need a solution now.

With many ‘band-aided’ networks in place today, Intercity and Juniper Networks can help healthcare providers prepare for this continued digital acceleration. This includes extending artificial intelligence (AI) and digital engagement tools that truly enable clinicians, patients, guests and staff to have better experiences and outcomes.



Traditional historic infrastructure simply cannot keep up with the emerging needs of the modern healthcare ecosystem. It is limited in terms of innovation and new functionality, which can slow the progress of a healthcare provider. However, by utilising a modern microservices cloud architecture and machine learning, our AI-driven healthcare solution dramatically simplifies wired and wireless operations, providing unprecedented visibility into user and device experiences. With automated operations and support with root cause analysis capabilities, our solution will reduce the time it takes to resolve support issues. Additionally, for users who struggle with vulnerabilities and outages, AI-driven networks have embedded intent-based automation and analytics to eliminate risk and simplify all aspects of the network design, build, deploy and operate phases.

It's no secret that personalised medical services and experiences are a priority for healthcare organisations. Our goal is to help optimize workflows and lower the costs associated with healthcare delivery while offering personalisation in care plans to improve patient experience and outcomes. Our AI network removes the need for controller upgrades, allowing the medical network to evolve as quickly as the devices connecting to it. Additionally, to drive improved digital engagement with patients, guests and clinicians, our solution has embedded location-based services capabilities designed to:

  • Reduce late or missed appointments by providing turn-by-turn directions
  • Engage patients and guests with proximity alerts such as greeting upon arrival, COVID-19 protocols, influenza reminders, digital coupons
  • Locate vents, pumps, wheelchairs and other critical assets within one-meter proximity
  • Map journey and foot traffic patterns for contact tracing protocols
  • Integrate with digital door locks to prevent unauthorized access (or exit)
  • Enhance hygiene and cleanliness protocols while also detecting temperature anomalies in refrigerators, freezers and incubators


With nearly every healthcare provider worldwide striving to reduce costs, enhance operational efficiencies and simplify everyday tasks, there's the opportunity to leverage technology to optimise workflows with minimal disruption. Juniper Networks brings a unique set of capabilities and offerings to meet healthcare providers’ demands:

  • A highly efficient, truly integrated, secure and flexible network that enables the transformation agenda
  • Open, standards-based solution to ensure seamless migration and interoperability between all network, security and IT components
  • Full client-to-cloud visibility with an intense focus on user experience vs the device connection state (complete visibility into user sessions and propelling digital transformation initiatives)
  • An increase in resilience and network availability of 99.999%
  • Industry-recognised technology, most notably delivering superior, seamless user experiences from client to cloud

As the healthcare industry stands at the precipice of becoming a true, fully digitized industry that delivers better care at a reduced cost, we must break away from traditional network architectures and look at fit-for-purpose networks for the modern healthcare era: networks that are based on open standards, simplicity, user experience and affordability.

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