Free Risk Assessment: How Secure Is Your Company’s Network?

Use this 2 minute risk assessment to uncover the frightening holes in your network defenses.

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Identifying who and what is on your network is a never-ending challenge. In addition to preventing malicious users from gaining access, you have to protect against unauthorized devices and applications.

So, how strong are your defenses? Take this quick risk assessment to help determine the security of your network.

Reasons to assess you defenses...

  • You're concerned about the growth of IoT and its impact on security
  • You're increasingly reliant on BYOD policies that put your network at risk
  • You're unsure how granular control over device access will affect your perimeter

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Malicious insiders continue to represent the most prevalent, costly and effective attack vector, while 76% of businesses remain unprotected from these insider threats.

2016 Ponemon Cost of Data Breach study

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