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Direct calling for teams

Direct Calling for Teams from Intercity

Seamless communication is the foundation upon which successful collaboration is built. Direct Calling for Teams integrates with and enhances the Microsoft Teams platform, ensuring you have everything you need to collaborate effectively.

Keep Your Employees Connected, Wherever They Are

2021 is seeing businesses adapt hybrid ways of working on a wider scale than ever before. But to support this, you need IT solutions that allow those on the front lines to work effectively from almost anywhere. Enter Direct Calling for Teams.

Serving as an extension of Microsoft Teams, our latest solution enables end-users to make internal calls, as well as external calls through the PSTN whenever and wherever they like, on any device. Allocation of UK and international DDIs extends your reach even further, ensuring your remote workers are always connected.

Crucially, all this is delivered via your existing Teams client – no additional apps or complicated setup processes required.

Our Latest Solution is:

  • A new solution that functions as an extension of the Microsoft Teams platform
  • Built around secure, high-availability, UK-based Tier 3 Data Centres
  • Developed, monitored, and maintained in-house
  • Tailored to your individual needs
  • A fully scalable solution, suitable for businesses of all sizes
  • Quick and easy deployment gets you up and running fast
  • Compliant with ISO 27001

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Improve communication across your business

Direct Calling for Teams is a fully managed service. If you want to learn more about our latest solution or discuss pricing options, get in touch with us today.

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