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Read why you can't risk protecting your business's mobile fleet against the every increasing risk of cyberattacks. Easy for employees. Easy for IT. Easy for SMBs.

Essential tips for keeping your business safe:

  • Introduction to Mobile Security.
  • Just how bad can a mobile security breach be?
  • Why hackers are targetting SMBs.
  • Just how easy it is to fall into the trap of downloading malware onto a device.
  • The cost of not having a screenlock on a smartphone.
  • The REAL cost of losing or having a device stolen.
  • 7 features for stress-free device security.
  • Android Enterprise Essentials: Automatic and affordable data protection by Google.
Simply drop your work email in the box above to download your free copy of this eBook from Android, and discover why mobile security is an increasing concern for small businesses - with one in four data breaches in 2020 involving a small company, according to the Verizon Data Breach Investigations Report.
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Download your free copy of the Android Enterprise Essentials Mobile Security Masterclass eBook

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